Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Urgent Prayer Needed

Please add Amy Long to your prayers, she's being flown back to the US from Haiti for urgent eye surgery that may or may not save her eyesight.

The situation is outlined on the Reciprocal Ministries International Blog.

Lord we ask your hand on Amy as she makes this flight. Please provide calm travel from Haiti to the US, and then to the Eye Clinic where a medical team will evaluate and devise a plan.

Lord we ask that you provide all the finances needed to make this happen as this is part of YOUR plan not hers.

Lord we also ask for your hand in watching over all the visiting Mission Teams that are in Haiti and prepping to arrive in the coming weeks. Amy won't be there to greet them, allow her the rest she needs to recuperate and allow the Teams to complete their work with the RMI staff and contacts that are on the ground.

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