Friday, February 26, 2010

My days are measured by pain and pressure ....

Yesterday was horrible. I woke w/ the worst headache I've had in recent memory. I wanted someone to take a table saw and remove the top left quadrant of my skull to help prevent the impending explosion. Of course we all know that would allow it to escape and be rather messy. So I dosed myself up w/ my meds and back to bed I went. I swear I've never slept as much as I have this month. I had the door open for fresh air, the humidifier going and the Olympics on the TV ...

Last night I woke to eat and return to bed. The headache had subsided but the pressure in my face was tremendous from the sinus infection. Oh ... and the snot!?! Where the heck does it all come from?

Before I went back to bed, I spent time w/ my kiddo. He was in his darkened room, reading by the light of his Salt Rock Lamp. Reading? Yup ... and I couldn't have been prouder, it was his Bible and he was looking for the story of David and Goliath. He told me that he's having a tough time with some kids at school and (no joke) "needed some inspiration on how to stand up to them". WOW!!! Color me blown away.

...and this brings me to today, Friday ... just another day in me being sick. No headache today, just lots of pressure under my right eye and in the right side of my face. We're supposed to go away for the weekend, kiddo is going to his cousins house whether or not we go, I may just pack a quick bag for myself later since the gathering we're attending is across the other side of the City. I can come back tomorrow if needed.

Have a great weekend .. .I've so much to share when I am back to regular blogging.