Saturday, February 27, 2010

The blogger balance ...

Too sick to really write anything, but feeling responsible to my readers, so I update when I can with what's going on .... and someone un-follows me ROFL Oh well! (is un-follow a word?)

I have quite a few blogs that I read regularly, or at least I did read them when I was able to keep my eyes open for more than 10 min ... One of my favorites is Twenty Four at Heart, she writes about life in Orange County CA and being that I have family and friends down there, I can so relate to her happenings, plus her photography is damned good.

The other day she wrote about a jacket she was looking for, I saw that, called the store (it's a local company to me) and let her know what I found out. Well if you look at her blog, you will see that she has QUITE the following and today she mentioned ME in her Blog for doing that! I'm humbled, nee honored to be mentioned in her blog! WOW! I know, seems silly but it was totally unexpected, I did what I did because that's just the way I am ...

Ok, I've been up since 7am and as you can see ... it's ... well it's damn late. I'm impressed that I made it this long. The right side of my face is absolutely killing me, the pressure is nearly unbearable. I will be taking codeine tonight to help me sleep. I do think I'm feeling a bit better. We will see what Saturday brings. I have a Scentsy party to do at 2pm for a friend of mine, she loves the product so much so if I have to be totally out of it, she'll sell it for me!

Hope you are all well, many blessings!