Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not ME! Monday

Did you spend Sunday in bed watching TV all day followed by eating gummy bears on Sunday Night? No Way.. Not me!! Here is a chance to get all the things you did NOT to this past week, off your chest and have a great time doing it! So read on and follow along with MckMama who started this crazy little HUGE Carnival!!

This week I MOST CERTAINLY did NOT spend every morning on my couch, with my kiddo snuggled next to me and the laptop open while watching the Tour de France.

I most certainly did NOT spend part of that time yelling at the TV scream during the aforementioned race. I know they can't hear me.

I also did NOT let my girl strip down to her panties and run through the water fountain on Thursday because she was dressed and didn't want to get her clothes wet. That would be inappropriate.

What didn't YOU do this week?? Comment here or post to your own blog and link through MckLinky!
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