Wednesday, July 08, 2009

All night long....

My son is at one of his best friends house, they split their time between the two places ... just had this yahoo exchange with my girlfriend Katie:
katie: Hey you!
tap: hey there
tap: how r the boys doing?
katie: Well let me tell you,,,,
tap: oh no
tap: what they do
katie: I woke up to them playing at 2am and told them to go to sleep right now
tap: lol
katie: then i woke up about 6am and heard them again thinking they couldnt posssobly be awake already
tap: noooooooooo they didn't sleep??
katie: nonono they never went to sleep so i put them to bed and now they are sleeping
tap: omgosh THAT is a riot!!
tap: i don't think they've ever done that before!!
katie: no not here
tap: not here either ... those sneaky bastards lol
katie: YEP sneaky little things they had to be really quit too!
tap: i'm still giggling
katie: yep so today they comin to you
tap: lol are they crashed right now?
katie: yes
katie: and im not wakig them up
tap: i bet they were all bleary eyed!
katie: no they seemed normal which really bothered me
tap: oh. my. gosh!!
katie: needless to say ill make sure next time theyre actually in bed
katie: at 2am
tap: lol you need to put a pin code on the wii! i do...
tap: they won't be playing it here, or on computer ... lol
katie: or 9pm if im feeling mean
tap: well heck yeah
katie: sill silly boys
tap: lol too funny ... and i bet they thought they'd get away with it
tap: what was their reaction at 6am?
katie: they tried to say they just got up
katie: so i asked them again and they confessed
tap5: lol they just got up, yeah, with a dynamite blast maybe
katie: yep well i better get to work ill call you later when they get up
tap: sounds great lol

When I pick them up in a few hours, they will NOT be playing any video games or computer games today, in fact they are getting tossed outside and not let inside until dinner time!
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