Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to another edition of Not Me! Monday hosted by MckMama.

  • I most certainly did NOT spend over 10 hours working in my yard on Thursday and Friday.
  • I most certainly was NOT sore as hell on Saturday from all the work I did in my yard Thursday and Friday.
  • I am NOT thrilled that kiddo has a friend, albeit a grade below him in school, that he now spends nearly every waking moment after homework, playing with.
  • I did NOT go out Saturday night and stay out late, I did NOT stay up even later here at home, and I most certainly did NOT wake up Sunday morning with a bit of a headache, wishing I had NOT had that last drink the night before. I'm WAY to old to do something like that (yeah right)
  • I am NOT blessed to live in an amazing Nation, where I can believe in my own God, publicly declare my Faith and live in relative comfort knowing that there are Men and Women willing to put their life on the line daily for me and my family.
  • Finally, I am NOT thoroughly excited to be hosting my FIRST giveaway!
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