Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm back....

Wow, what an incredible journey I've been on over the past 2+ years.

I am now attending Multnomah University in the Epsilon Cohort of the Degree Completion program. I will graduate in 2010 w/ my BS in Leadership and Ministry. People ask what I'm going to do with that degree and my reply is simple, I'll do what the Lord leads me to do.

The past few months have had me really questioning life. I've lost some significant people and it's made me think about things I can take from them and apply to myself.
  • Ryan battled brain cancer, his Faith NEVER waivered, although he did get scared from time to time, he always knew that the Lord would guide him through. I was with him at Hospice the night before he passed away and even then, we could see him trying to sing along w/ the music being played.
  • Katherine, who was Marks mother, died of liver failure. She was an alcoholic who was unwilling to battle her disease. She was a faithful Christian who unfortunately allowed her disease to cut herself off from her whole family. By the time we got called in to help, it was way past too late. She taught me that honestly with yourself is a necessity to survive. She was unwilling to face her issues and deal with them.
  • Hadley is in her final days. She will be 8 tomorrow, the doctors didn't think she'd make it but here she is! This girl has fought bravely for 4 1/2 years. From the time she was diagnosed w/ brain cancer, her parents knew they were spending their final days w/ her, that her life would be much shorter than most.
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