Thursday, November 06, 2008

Long time ... I'm back

Wow I read back and I'm amazed at the journey I've been on. I have a blog on MySpace that I've been good at maintaining, but not here. i wonder if anyone still has this bookmarked, lol not that it matters cause this is for me.

Ok, i have one hell of a bitch right now, I'm in the Menopause process and my body decided last month to start cycling again!! GRRRRRR I was hoping it was a one time deal, but obviously not, cause here I am again, cramping like there's no tomorrow, had night sweats last night YUK and I just plain HURT!!! I am so pissed off, I want to be DONE with this process.

that's it ... done for now...

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  1. Sorry about the cramping but yes, I still get notifications when you post here. :)


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