Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Excited??? heck yeah!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 1:03 AM


Excited??? heck yeah!!
Current mood: clip_image003 excited

I'm just sooo stinkin' excited about this new roof going on the house starting in less than 7 hours that I can't go to sleep!!!
ok..that and the darned Nintendo DS...whose STUPID IDEA was that anyway??  clip_image004

must try and get some sleep...

Oh~A David funny~~ so I'm Mom now that Mark is gone...no more Mommy (**sigh**) so David comes to me a few hours ago, after I told him for the umpteenth time to go to bed...and he asks "Mom, why are you so stubborn at night and so much fun in the morning?" clip_image005 It was all I could do to keep myself from falling off the chair as I laughed hysterically (is that a good thing to do to your 8 yr old son?), he was so darned serious about his question...my response was simple...well at night, you Don't go to bed when asked...so I have to be stubborn and repeat myself a lot, in the morning...you've already slept and I don't have to be reminding you about it...." To which he said..." Oh..." and walked away....

Ya gotta love kids! (well ok, you don't HAVE to love them..but if I don't love him, I'll kill him one of these days clip_image006) but truth be told...I love my boy...

**additional note~Wednesday will be 8 weeks since Mark died...it seems like a lifetime ago and yet yesterday that our world changed. I wonder when/if I will lose the mental count of his death...I'll have all of you guys in my prayers, especially those that were there with him as he joined our Lord in Heaven. Consider yourselves privileged to have been witness to his return Home. I certainly hold you all in high regards for all you did for him.

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