Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sooo Day 1 did not go well....

Unfortunately my body and the shake did not get along, I drank 1 shake (made according to the directions) at 8am, and I STILL feel stuffed. I have had a reasonable meal today and lots of water but yuk, I can't get rid of the overstuffed, bloated feeling.

I have made the decision that this is not the plan for me, although I know it works well for others. I am not letting this get me down though. I am going to go back to the Michael Thurmond 6 week Body Makeover plan which I was very successful on in the past and get LOSING! I will do my grocery shopping for it Tuesday or Wednesday (I have to reshuffle my schedule a bit) and do a cooking day. With the weather being nice I will put walking back into my schedule also. I know that will help tremendously!
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