Tuesday, June 20, 2006

God's timing??

posted on another board the night before Mark died, the site it references is our personal business site that I inadvertently screwed up lol and quickly answers some questions people had for me

ok....I made a mistake and had to take the site down...will get it back in place w/in 24 hours....

Mark was in Haiti for 11 days (his trip was extended when American Airlines pulled their planes out ). Our Church goes at least one time a year and has for 9 years, it's amazing to see what a direct impact we've had on this community. This February was the first time they EVER had lights on buildings at night in the town...w/ a generator of course.

Mark visited a beach village and was the first white person they had ever seen...

Mark is in New Orleans this week (Baton Rouge today and tomorrow) will be home Sat. He will be going back to Haiti in February (possibly this Sept too).

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  1. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Wow wow wow wow wow! June 20...wow!


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