Friday, February 17, 2006

Mark in Haiti


For Mark and our Haiti Mission Team

Less than 48 hours from now, Mark and a Team from our Church will be leaving Portland for Haiti for a 10 day Medical mission.

for their safety as there is unrest in the Country due to todays elections.

for success in their medical mission

that they learn from and reach many in the days to come

that those around them see the good that the Lord can do

for David and I, and those families that are staying here, that we remain sane during their absence


Continued prayers please

Received a call from Mark a couple of hours ago, the Misison Team is doing well, they returned to the main Retreat area to hear the news about the protests in Port Au Prince and that American Airlines has halted all services for the near future. They had no idea that there were any problems, it's definitely a CITY issue not a Country wide issue.

The Team has decided to head back out into the field and will return to the retreat on Saturday and see if they can get out then. The earliest I will see him at this point is Sunday night, possibly Monday.

Mark sounded sooo good! Says that he visited one Village and he was THE FIRST WHITE PERSON they had ever seen. The kids were in the streets with him having a great time! I can't wait to hear his stories.

that American Airlines gets back into service soon, while I don't mind my hubby being gone, I do miss him (my house just isn't as clean with him gone )


He's coming home

I just got a CLEAR phone call from Mark, the last one the Sat connection was horrible...It was so good to hear his voice and it's comforting to know that he'll be in my arms late tomorrow night.

On the downer~side...he has come down with some type of Haitian "crud" ~running at both ends if you will, saw the Doctor this am and he's not dehydrated enough to need IVs but they are watching him...he said he's feeling better and NOT contagious

I'm so excited...can't WAIT to hear his stories and experiences...

Thanks for the continued

Comments from friends:
What a wonderful sacrifice Mark has given by going on this Mission. To give of his time and his talents and unconditional love, is exactly what Jesus did while on Earth, and expects from all of us.

Mark will be Blessed for this! Congrats Marissa for Mark's Homecoming!

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