Monday, October 03, 2011

Happy Birthday ....

you'd be 47 today .... world sure is a different place without you.

david is growing up
he's getting TALL
you'd love his fart jokes lol
i remember how scared you were when they said they were doing a c-section to deliver him
and how happy you were when he was born.

me, i'm still looking for work
i hope this next application is the one that clinches it for me
i want need this to happen for david and i sooo bad
if you have any pull, this would be the time to ask for the favor

yes, those are tears flowing now
i didn't expect them
but then i didn't expect to be without you
i still miss you daily
i go back and remember things
and i wish it were different

i'm doing well my love, but i do miss you like hell
it's just not the same, my heart has a hole that will always be missing you ...
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