Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A dinner ... for you ....

Katie and the kids were here. We had spaghetti, sausages and tomato sauce, just like you liked ... Pink Lemonade of course (yes, Katie and I had Malibu in it!) ... I made a chocolate cake for dessert, the frosting didn't work out right so I turned it into a chocolate-caramel drizzle ~ you would have absolutely loved it!

Yes, this IS your son! 
Katie and I toasted to what we had and where we've gone to since you left us.

We agreed, if you were still with us, we'd be leaving the kids with you for a few days and we'd take advantage of an airfare special and head to NY for a few days! You wouldn't mind, right ???

Here ... take a look at the precious angels .... 

No problem ....... 


I spoke with one of our pre-school friends a few weeks ago, remember B.? The boy that was so difficult then? He's doing great now, has a fantastic memory of the last day of pre-school for the kids after graduation, when they all changed into water clothes and we had water balloon tosses .... He remembers you taking the hose and DOUSING the kids! Says it was the most fun he had at pre-school. I'm so glad that the kids remember these things. They mean the world to me.

Well babe, another milestone ... oh yeah, Happy Belated Anniversary also, last week would've been 14 years! Maybe next year we'll have a 15th Anniversary Party .... maybe.
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