Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prayers & Pictures from the recent past

Yes, I said I would be better at Blogging, today I will catch you up on my life.


First and foremost, I ask that you pray for my friend Morgan and her family. She’s a 7 yr old ball of fire and today she is going her 11th cardiac surgery. Morgans long story is found on her CaringBridge site. While it was updated in February w/ great news, Morgan began a rapid decline soon afterwards. She has a big brother and a little sister, and tons of friends are supporting their family through this.

Now on to the random photos of the past few months …

Remember when I was so sick in February?

random 021
I did manage to sneak go out for one night of fun with friends.
A great friend of mine is Jacob Merlin and he has one of the BEST bands in Portland, soon to be hitting up Seattle and Tacoma! I manage his Merchandise for him as well as his Blog (which we just started). This is just some of the fun from that night.

  random 017

Michael is his guitarist. Talk about TALENT!

random 073

Oh, while I was sick in February, Abigail broke her foot. Yeah, THAT was (not) fun! random 072

random 078

Tim insisted on taking me out for a date night, it was Applebees. We discovered that after 9pm they sell Jello Shots made in orange peels!  He couldn’t resist. While I was tired, it was fun and a needed break.

random 085

We needed to get Abigail out of the house … what do you do w/ a kid in a wheelchair?

random 083

random 084

You go BOWLING! David wheeled her up to the ramp and she let the ball roll down!

This is a special place for us as Mark and I bowled league here for years and later on, Mark and David bowled here together.

random 089
What’s the saying? March arrives like a Lion and leaves like a Lamb?
Well for me it arrived w/ Shingles! (there are more pictures on that post if you want to see them)

random 130

Easter arrived any my girlfriend Katie and I decided to make chocolate covered Rice Krispie Easter Eggs. It was a ton of fun.

…. well there is quite a bit more to add, but that’s for tomorrow…
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