Friday, April 09, 2010

I'm a Tweeter ....

I'm part of the Twitter Ho Down at 



Do you Tweet?? I do ... I admit it, it can be addicting!! Yes, me, addicted to something like Twitter!! I know, whodathunkit right??? I Tweet as myself, QueenOChaos, that's me right?? Y'all know that don't you??? Maybe not. Well I've honestly met some great local Tweeps, seriously, I have STOP LAUGHING AT MEEEEE!

No seriously, there's @StephStricklen TV Host of KGW's Live @ 7 that's aired from @TheSquare (which is an awesome Studio! If you're ever in Portland OR, stop by Pioneer Square and check it out). Also from KGW there is @LauralKGW and @pdxpeacock. Laural and Joe are great people, parents just like me and living day to day life in front of us. Laural got me into the Race for the Cure last year, yes, she's awesome that way.

And yes... I've met other great people in person that are now my IRL friends, like @diam0ndhead49 and @terrancenorman ... I could go on and on...but alas, my blackberry is buzzing away, work is calling! Check me out... over there on the left, there's the Tweetie Bird! (oh Craig Ferguson is a hoot to follow @craigyferg)
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