Friday, April 09, 2010

Broadview Security (formerly Brinks) FOR THE WIN!!

I LOVE good customer service. As a person that's been in sales for many years, I thrive on providing the BEST customer experience I can. Often times though, I am sorely disappointed with my experiences with various companies, as many people are.

Today though, WOW What a pleasant surprise. I have to share this.

I called into Broadview Security with plans to cancel my service. We just can't afford it right now, seriously, we have 3 adults in the house, most of us are home 24 hrs a day, I haven't paid it in 3 months so my plan was to deactivate it, pay the balance and reactivate when one of the guys goes back to work. I expected to get the run around, as you often do when you call to cancel a service.

When I heard the "Well Ms. P. you've been such a great customer since 1999, let me see what I can do to help" I fully expected the "let me cut your payments by $10 a month" schpiel when instead I got (hold onto your chair, don't fall out)  "Well Ms. P, let me do this for you, would a 4 month CREDIT help you out? I can take off last months charges and then the next 3 months will be FREE, that gives you 4 months to pay off what you owe us, hopefully things change in your household and in August you can resume regular payments, will that work for you?"

I~was~absolutely~STUNNED!! I literally repeated "you mean I'll keep my service for free, pay you what is owing and we're all good?", OMGosh YES that works for us! WOW!

Ladies and Gentleman THIS is how you provide Customer Service in a bad economy! Thomas (#26660) Thank You sooo much! You have made my day and now I'm spreading the word about how AWESOME Broadview Security is!
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