Friday, April 02, 2010

following up ...

Kiddo is NOT doing the overnight, those are for school groups only (insert eyeroll emoticon here)... but she's taking David to see Cirque du Soleils "Kooza", I admit to being VERY envious! I've not seen them in a few years and I love their performances. She's also taking planning to take my nephew, but my sister is saying that he's not going because our Mom didn't let her know ahead of time that she wanted to do it and he's not going to be there. Geeshus Smeeshus! It's happening on April 30th! Today is April 1st! I realize you and mom have a crappy relationship, I do too, but don't let the kids suffer! ARGH!! Change your frickin plans!

Shingles .. did I mention that I had them??? Well I have a feeling that they're coming back. I'm sooo not happy. I'll keep you updated, but can definitely use your prayers.