Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday update ...

What a morning, I woke up to my feet feeling like the first time that you walk barefoot on cement, that tender pain feeling ... yeah, well my feet were beet red and swollen as were my hands. So ... called the doctor to let her know that and that my rash had spread.

Went to see her and she said to head to the ER ... 

Diagnosis... I have shingles. Tim is off getting my meds from 2 different pharmacies (Percocet and an anti-viral). I can't be around you if you are pregnant, haven't had chicken pox, haven't had the immunization, are immuno-suppressed, have cancer or a transplant or waiting for a transplant amongst other things ... so I can't go to Church or Tim's HS Reunion that is this weekend

I will be seeing an Ophthalmologist Monday to be sure that my eye is not infected or at risk, because this is surrounding my eye there is a serious risk to my eye. If my eye worsens at all I was told to get to the ER right away.

While I'm relieved it's not MRSA as first thought, I am not loving that I have "chicken pox" at this stage in life ... nor am I happy that I now have one less antibiotic that I can take, the ER Doc said "you're running out of meds we can give you". He's serious, I am!

I honestly don't know when I'll be posting regularly. The percocet is going to knock me out, I'm also allowed to take Benadryl for the allergic reaction. I will be sleeping a lot for the next week or so. My house is a mess :( More so than usual, and it's really bothering me.