Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Would You Do ???

So a friend from HS just posted this on his Facebook .... 
Was at the convenience store and was gonna buy the stuff of the guy behind me and give him a Harvest card, until I noticed he was buying beer and cigarettes. Didn't seem right somehow to tell him our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ just bought his beer and smokes.
I questioned what a Harvest Card is ... 
It's a card from our church that we give out , Church of the Harvest, that we use when we do random acts of kindness, that says "You have just experienced the kindness of our savior Jesus Christ. It is our joy to serve you."

So I want to hear from my readers, what would YOU do in this situation? I really hope that we get some discussion going on here. Feel free to share whether or not you agree with what my friend did and why.