Thursday, October 01, 2009

Today I Choose ...

I have learned many things through my many years of counseling and 12-stepping ... and I feel that the most important, yet the one I've obviously forgotten lately, is that I can make a choice now to do something, and then NOW I can make a choice to do something different; and there is NOTHING wrong with that!

We are in our present place and state of being because WE choose to be here.

I have been in an ugly and sad place for awhile. I've allowed situations to get the better of me. My circumstances are not even close to desirable for myself or my son, but I'm here and I have to do something about it. So right now, right this moment, I am choosing to do something different for us. It's not what I ultimately wanted for us, it's not what I would have chosen had I been 'in charge' of things, but it will work now, and that is most important to me.

So for today, I am accepting the settlement offer from the Insurance Company for my accident I had over a year ago. I do NOT have the time nor energy to fight a lawsuit against them, I have bills that need to be paid and a kid that needs clothes to wear. This will cover those costs, not all of them, but enough of them that some stress will be relieved until the next financial boost happens, which will hopefully be soon.

I've had this song rolling around in my head all day, and now I know why. I have forgotten to put Christ first and look to HIM for my guidance. The Forms have been sitting here for weeks, I've been mulling it over, and I let it get me down, the song came into my head overnight and I knew what I had to do, make a choice and go with it.

As for me and my house

Today I choose to follow you
Today I choose to gi ve my'yes' to u
Today I choose to hear your voice and live
Today I choose to follow you

As for me and my house
we will serve you
as for me and my house
we will spend our lives on you

(Repeat chorus and Verse)


Wonderful counseler , Everlasting Fa-ther
E-ternal King , Lord of hosts
willingly we fol- low


So I ask you, those reading, what choice are YOU making today? Doesn't it feel GREAT to know that you can choose now, and now, and now, and then again in  10 min if you want to change that choice? I think so and I will continue to let myself choose to do what works for me.