Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Perfect Lady …

I read about Mr. AssHat today and was reminded of the following:

This situation happened about 3 weeks after Mark died.

I was shopping at our local Haggen and I had David and a friend of his with me. It was quiet in the store, around 8pm at night, and honestly I was pretty tired, run down. I let them run around getting what they wanted from the store and bring it back to me on their own, they were having fun, they weren’t bothering anyone, I could hear them running around and just didn’t care.

As I was looking at meats, the boys came running up to me and I probably said “No that’s too much” to a huge bag of candy or a box of donuts and sent them back to find something else, when Mrs. Perfect Lady came by me. You know the one …

Nails like this:


The purse like this:


Wearing a skirt like this:


Her hair and heels matched the outfit … absolutely perfect … click click click … I heard her approach me, I was probably in sweats with a ball cap holding my hair in place. I’m sure I didn’t look perfect, I’m positive my make up wasn’t done at all, and honestly I didn’t care.

Like I said, I probably was tired and exasperated as I sent the boys on a quest to find something more appropriate for two 8 year olds and sounded it, and out of her mouth came “ That’s why I leave my kids at home with my husband” …

Before I could check myself, I opened my mouth and out came this response, “Well I can’t, mine died 3 weeks ago” and I smiled.

Mrs. Perfect Lady had the most complete stunned look on her face, and she quickly grabbed her cart and Click Clicked away … I didn’t see her again. It was simply Perfect. I wonder what she said to Mr. Perfect when she got home, or if she even admitted to anyone what a Bitch she was. Perhaps she’ll think twice in the future? I giggled then, and I still giggle now.