Monday, October 19, 2009

Less than pleased...

Abigail was sent to us sick. Very sick.
Her Mom came down sick on Sunday, very sick.
Abigail went home Sunday night.
Tim woke up sick.
Abigail and her mom went to the doctor today.
Abigail has the Flu and rec'd the vax because she has Downs Syndrome and a heart condition.
Abigail's mom has H1N1.
There is an approx 40% False Negative on the H1N1 detection test (according to my Nurse neighbor who just came back from a major training on it).

Leads me to believe we've ALL been exposed to H1N1 and are on our way down. I started coughing this afternoon. I have never been one to use Purell and Lysol wipes, but I'm heading to the store right now.

I am less than pleased w/ the Ex-wife. She gets pissed at us if we bring Abigail home and "expose her daycare" to anything, but never has an issue with sending her to us sick without telling us first.