Saturday, October 17, 2009

Here's the short version ... of my life ... details to come later!

Soooo ... it's been many years since I've seen or spoken w/ many of my friends from New York and Arizona. Several have commented, ok, more than several have commented or asked about all my last names. So here we go~and this is the condensed version:

Born 1965 as Marissa T. Mom and Dad divorced ... that in itself is a separate post for another time. 

Moved w/ the family in 1982 (the day after Jr. year ended w/ little notice) from NY to Prescott AZ, where I was registered in school for my Senior Year as Marissa M. (my step-fathers last name) and then moved a few months later to Flagstaff AZ where I graduated from Coconino HS as Marissa M. (although my diploma has my legal name of Marissa T. on it).

I attended Northern Arizona University until 1986, moved to Oregon w/ the family and attended Western Oregon State College. I left school in 1987 to work full time in the Monmouth, Independence, Salem area.

In May of 1990 I got married and my name became Marissa G.  I divorced in 1995 and reverted my last name to T.

In 1997 I moved up to Tualatin (Portland area), married Mark P. and we had our son David in 1998. In June 2006, Mark tragically had a major heart attack and died at the age of 41 while in Baton Rouge LA with his Youth Group, he was a HS Youth Minister.

Marks best friend Clark has been living w/ David and I for almost 2 years to help out so I could keep David in the house he has grown up in. In October 2007, I met in person a man (Tim) I had been chatting online with for 6 months, by January 2008 he asked me to be his wife, which I answered with a YES, and in March of 2008 he moved in with David, Clark and myself. It's a crazy house, but for us, it works.

We don't have a date set for the wedding yet, I'm still clearing up an IRS mess as a result of Marks passing (he wasn't done filing the taxes and I didn't know it...YIKES). Once that is done, we'll be setting a date.

At that time, my name will be Marissa C., although David has asked that I keep it P. We'll see how he feels when the wedding date comes, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm Mrs. C. already.

So there you have it, the Readers Digest Condensed version of my life... and all my last names.