Friday, September 11, 2009

I honor Joe on this 8th anniversary of 9/11/01

I am honored to share pictures from someone I consider a brother. Joe Loretz is a “kid” I grew up with in NY. Long before 9/11/01 happened, Joe was a rough and tumble kid that “us girls” picked on, but as he grew up, he grew into someone that I am so proud of.


He was on scene when TWA 800 went down, and then on 9/11/01 he was one of the many that was in Tower 2. He got out, many of his Brothers didn’t. What you see are photos taken at Ground Zero within hours of the Towers crumbling down. Chances are you’ve not seen these elsewhere. Joe is in all of them. 

Search and Rescue of Tower 2

(Joe Loretz is middle white hat) 


(Joe Loretz on right) 

n516560923_1358575_8288(Joe Loretz on left) n516560923_1358598_8351

 (Joe Loretz on right) 

n516560923_1358574_7982(Joe Loretz on left)  n516560923_1358573_5706

 (Joe Loretz on right) 


(Joe Loretz 2nd from Right) 


Joe has since left the NY Fire Department and joined the Suffolk County Police Department.


(Joe Loretz 2nd from Right) 


Thank you Joe for all you’ve done and continue to do for us.

I love you bro!