Sunday, August 30, 2009

She who forgets

The text message arrived at 8:30pm last night:

Peanut had one hell of a day so we got started later than expected so I apologize for it being later than expected but I really think it’s best if I bring her straight to you then I’ll drive till I’m tired and get a motel. it makes more sense than keeping everyone up.

Uhhh WHAT?? Thursday night we talked and you said you were bringing her here Sunday afternoon! David was getting ready to go to bed, we were going to watch a movie and enjoy a quiet night.

Tim texted back and said “We were expecting her tomorrow afternoon”; To which she responded “Oh yeah, I forgot”. You FORGOT? You FORGOT!?? How in the world do you forget that you’re leaving for California on SUNDAY and suddenly do it on Saturday. I just don’t buy this “I’m going down there for training” bit. Sorry, There are just so many things that don’t line up in your story.

And so we waited … and waited … and at 10:30pm we got a phone call, “Hi Daddy, I’m here”. The ex won’t even come up to the door. We have to go out to the street to get Abigail. We are handed a bag of garbage from Dairy Queen, Abbie is asked if she wants to finish her blizzard, she can even have Moms (wait a minute, doesn’t she go nuts on us when we do fast food because she needs to be on a low fat diet?). Grrrrr … and we are handed 1 bag of clothes for the couple of days we will have her. Hmmm and what’s that in the back of your truck? Hmm they look like CAMPING SUPPLIES not “training” supplies. I give up, seriously, this lady is absolutely nuts! I try so hard to be nice, to her face I am, even when Abbie is nasty to me in front of her mom. The first 5 minutes with her in the house were hell, and then she changed, like a switch was flipped.

Now, if we can get this kid to stay in her bed all night and not wake us up constantly.


  1. oh geez she didnt forget.I guess the good thing is she sent clothes?

  2. Clothes that I'm not allowed to wash anymore. Ex-wife washes them all herself when we bring kiddo home.


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