Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are we there yet?

I've probably used that title before...and I'll probably use it again, sorry folks.

I love my son, but I really canNOT wait for September 9th, because that is the day I put him on the school bus and send him away for the day!!!

In case you're wondering, I did NOT send out this Tweet earlier:
QueenOChaosIcon_lockWhy does my son feel that folding laundry is the most DIFFICULT thing in the world? He doesn't whine as much when I pull his teeth w/ pliers

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  1. Lucky you, I can't believe you have a son folding laundry! Even my daughter doesn't do that! She does unload the dishwasher, thank goodness! My boys think it's torture just putting away the laundry I washed & folded!


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