Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Late in the day 4th of July thought ...

I woke up this morning to my phone buzzing.

It was my sister updating me via text on the Tour de France, yes, we are avid cycling fans! We grew up cycling and have had personal encounters with some of the best ranked US Cyclists in the past. Of course we are Lance Armstrong fans, but more importantly, fans of the true sport of cycling.

I ripped myself out of bed, I was still there with a migraine, and came up to watch TV.

I warned everyone "This is MY time to watch MY tv shows, and NO ONE better interrupt me. I let you guys watch whatever you want most of the time, and now it's my turn."

My roomie said "She's got a great point, there, can't argue, give up the remotes" (he's a smart guy)

My King asked "When is this over?" and our roomie responded "August" (did I mention he's a smart guy?)

So I watched the Tour start from Monaco, what an amazing thing to see. How AWESOME to see Lance Armstrong place 10th today after 4 years off! He's in it hook, line and sinker ... in it to WIN!

It's going to be a great July!

I went back to sleep for the rest of the day. Woke up and bbq'd and we ate a small but good dinner. The kids have been in and out of the house all afternoon, we had a pop-it session and soon will head out for a mini-fireworks session before we toss the kids in bed and hit the hot tub to relax.

I can't forget to say THANKS to all of our Troops that defend this amazing Country we live in. My girlfriends husband is in the Coast Guard and is on duty today/tonight on the Willamette River in Portland. Her boys flew to be with family in Boise for vacation and she is home alone (well she's probably w/ friends) but it's just another day for an Active Military family.

Be sure to Thank your local Service people as you see them, including the Fire, Police and Medical personnel. They give up so much for us.

With that ... it's time to blow up some stuff!! Stay Safe my friends and God Bless!!

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  1. Thank you for stopping to say "hi"!
    love your sence of humor ;)


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