Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturday morning in the House of Chaos

I swear (even though I shouldn't because I try hard to be a good Christian), but this morning, these kids are testing me .... You ask how??

Pancakes, that's what we want tomorrow morning.

I come up to make breakfast and they are eating cereal. Still want pancakes though, so I pull things out. only then do they say
nah, we don't want pancakes anymore
so i put it all away and i begin the screaming gentle prodding to get the place they destroyed messed up, clean again.

Our roomie comes up, scowling because they woke him up SMILING and grunted at me. He pulled out the pancake mix and suddenly
We want pancakes.
IMAGINE THAT (shoot me now) Grrrr .... I grumble lovingly guide the children through cleaning the living room and then my honey came up and took over (Wheeeeee). I returned to the kitchen to start coffee and load the dishwasher, got halfway through washing pots and pans, and realized I forgot to put coffee grounds in the brewer. Whoooops! Fixed that problem real quick and wondered if I could spike my coffee yet. (It's surely after 5pm in Russia, vodka works, right?) I keep my iTunes up on the computer and have my christian tunes rotating, they keep me grounded and remind me how AMAZING our Lord is and that even in the most difficult times, HE is here with me.

Ok ... well now the mess is cleaned up, the kids have eaten, I'm watching the Portland Rose Festival Parade online and following it on Twitter. At some time I will take a shower and head out to deliver one child home and then head to a fundraiser for Special Olympics at our friends restaurant.

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  1. You are wonderful and I love, love, love how real you are. You are a blessing to me. You make me laugh at least once a day! Thank you!


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