Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick update ...

Sunday was an emotional rollercoaster.

  • We spread some of Marks ashes at Church,
  • Celebrated with the High School Youth Group on their successful mission trip to Denver Colorado.
  • Remembered the life of Jim Nelson, a wonderful man of Christ.
I thought that was enough ....

Monday morning I woke to the news that the Dougy Center Grief Support building that we have gone to for over a year, was burned down. It appears to be arson.

It was as if someone poured salt in wounds, the pain was tremendous. Why someone would target a place that provides comfort and hope to so many that are already hurting is beyond comprehension.

I watched and read the reports, cried, felt ill. Perhaps my reaction is a bit too much, but I truly do see the difference the program has made in our lives since we started there. I've seen it help others in amazing ways. To see it all in ashes is unfathomable, yet it is.

We go there tonight, we will hold group in the Office next door. Their will be a lot to process. Alot of unknowns at this point. The one thing I do know is that the Dougy Center WILL move past this. It will take the help of many and pretty soon, money needs to roll in for the project. It's more than a building, there was so much inside to replace, and yet so much that can't be replaced. It seriously is like a family member is gone now.

I will post more about this, My family is planning something to do...
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