Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Contacts that may help Dougy Center get rebuilt faster!

Ok, here is a list that I will continue to add to. It's people I have contacted about helping w/ rebuilding the Dougy Center. YES, I am on a mission here. My son loves going, his friends there love going, the want to go to the main Center in September. If Extreme Makeover Home Edition can build a house in 7 days, WE CAN TOO! We don't need it until September, but sooner is better!!

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Show Forms:

Ok ... this is what I sent them, you can contact them too and write your own thing. I can't remember which one, but one had a 1500 character max, so that's what I sent to everyone ... write your own note, use whatever part of mine you wish, just enter your own information in the blanks.

My son and I lost my husband 7/21/06. In 5/08 we began attending the Dougy Center in Portland OR

"The Dougy Center ( was the first center in the US to provide peer support groups for grieving children... Through our National Ctr we provide support and training locally, nationally and internationally to individuals and organizations seeking to assist children in grief. The Dougy Ctr is supported solely through private support from individuals, foundations and companies, and receives no state or federal funding. The Dougy Ctr does not charge a fee for its services."

On the 3 year ann of my husband’s death, the main Ctr was burned down, possible arson. We cried when we heard the news. Dougy is such a support, it allows him to grieve in his own way with kids that understand what he's through. He asked "Why did someone do this to us?"

On behalf of my family and the many other families around Portland that use this facility, please help us rebuild Dougy Center! I've been on a tremendous roller coaster ride for 3 years, I've been close to losing my house twice, I’ve accepted food from friends & neighbors, borrowed money, I'm in debt as I'm a single mom that has not worked since my husbands passing; yet I've been blessed with neighbors and friends to help me out. My hubby was a Youth Minister and he believed in doing the right thing & serving, I have that same belief. It is now my turn though, to stand up and ask for help on behalf of a place that truly deserves it.

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