Saturday, June 13, 2009

I folded ...

My 11 yr old now has a pre-paid cell phone. Urgh. We've put strict rules on it, here they are:

Rules of David’s Phone

1) David can call Mom, Tim, Aunt Bibet and Clark ONLY.

2) David can receive calls from Mom, Tim, Aunt Bibet and Clark ONLY.

3) There are to be NO text messages sent or received on this phone.

4) David does NOT know his phone number and has no reason to know it.

5) David is not to access the internet or download anything on his phone, it is for emergency and update use only with those mentioned above.

6) David must ask permission to take the phone outside the house.

7) David’s phone use can be monitored at any time by any of the above people and if there is an issue with calls, any of the adults can pull David’s phone privileges.

8) David is NOT allowed to send text messages from his phone.

9) If David breaks these rules, he will lose this privilege.

10) This agreement will be reviewed in 3 months.

He's already taken about 20 photos, has showed it to our college age neighbor and has it on his sweat pants now as he rides to his friends house.

Why does this scare the heck outta me??? My kiddo is growing up!! AHHHHH!!!


  1. Be afraid! Be very afraid! hehe

    We got Ashley a cell phone for her 13th birthday, she has already had it taken away about 4 times (her birthday is in March).........and when she gets it back this final time......... she will not be allowed to text. We are removing that option from her phone. Are we meanies? You wouldn't think so if you saw what she text to me the other night. UGH.

    I think we wouldn't be doing our job as parents if we didn't set limits. Agree?

  2. I just read your thread on MckMama's blog frog. I am from Mississippi, so I won't be making it to a picnic in Portland, but I am going to Portland in July on a business trip with my husband. I have been searching the internet for things to do while there. Can you give me any ideas? So far I want to go to Cannon Beach (my son's name is Cannon), visit Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens, and see Multnomah Falls. Is there anything else you recommend we do? We'll be staying downtown at the Monaco. Is there anything near the Monaco that I should do during the day while he is working? What about restaurants? Any place you recommend?

    Also, what time does it get dark there? That may be a stupid question, I'm just not sure if it would be the same as here.

    If you have time, please reply. If not, I completely understand, as this is a total random comment.

    Thanks in advance!


  3. Anonymous10:53 PM


    There is sooo much to do in Portland and the surrounding areas. I'd love to help you guys out. How old are your kids? That will give me a better idea of where to send you.

  4. Our children are ages 2 and 10 months (and I'm 7 months pregnant~); however, we will actually go without our children! I feel horrible for leaving them behind, but we need a little bit of time alone before we have three under three. :)


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