Thursday, December 15, 2005


Why Haiti?~our Church has a long term committment to the town of Les Anglais. We have established a sister church relationship with them over the past 9 years, sent resources, volunteers twice a year. Purchased them vehicles and last year built food dehydrators so they can keep food longer and safer. We sent over 200 book bags stuffed with supplies last school year, the members of our church that went said the kids went CRAZY when they received them. The last trip, we sent musical instruments as the kids want to start a music program. We also pay the salary of an Agriculture specialist (one who teaches them about farming and being sustainable). It's been amazing to see these people with nothing, learn and grow and become a real operating village. We also provide medical care while there.

Mark will be going to speak with their Ministers about getting their HS Youth program up and running, something that has been in the works for 2 years. He is scheduled to return in August with some of our College Students to move that project along and then return in Summer '07 with our HS Kids.

It's amazing how the Lord works through us...changes us along the way and brings us to do his work. Mark is definitely a testament to this.
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