Friday, December 23, 2005

A End of year update....

It's been way too I'll toss some things in here while I'm working ('s that slow!)

I'll start with David....This week has been so much fun with him! Waaay too much excitement over the holidays for him....Tuesday, an e-gift certificate arrives from his Aunt to shop at I'm on my way to work so he has to wait....Wednesday, he goes with Mark in the morning and I'm at work when he gets home. Does he go to bed Wed night? No way, he has to wait up for Mommy! I get home at 11:30pm and he wants to go shopping, Mommy only wants to go to David is told that Amazon is closed for the night...which he accepts. He gets into bed, I get online for a few min to check email and he comes in at 11:45pm to tell me "Mommy, I'm hungry"... so we head into the kitchen and have cookies and hot cocoa at midnight. A great experience! He finally goes to bed.

Forward to 8:15am Thursday, Davids' alarm goes off, I'm working in my office so the new phone service can be installed...David pops out of bed, stumbles into the office and proclaims "time to shop Mommy!" Well Mark takes David out of the house early so I can get gifts wrapped. I get them helfway done when I need to leave. I put the Santa gifts in the garage under a tarp and leave the others under our Christmas problem right? Wrong! David comes home and IMMEDIATELY spots the presents..."Daddy....there are presents under the tree, how did they get there?". Mark thinks a moment and says "Maybe Santa needed to get a head start since there are sooooo many gifts he needs to deliver", to which our smartie pants son replied " Daddy, Santa delivers ALL his gifts in 24 hours and he DOESN'T need any help doing it"

Then there is today...he runs off to his friends house to play...I leave for work and close the garage door, Mark is in the house working. He heads into Davids bedroom with the ladder and tools to replace Davids light fixture. Suddenly his cell phone rings and he faintly recognizes the number calling but can't place it. When he answers it, he finds it's our neighbor Mike letting us know that David is at his housewatching TV. Seems he came home from his friends house, knocked on our door and Mark didn't hear him so he went next door, told them that Mommy and Daddy were gone and he needed to wait there until we got home. Mike didn't realize Mark was home so he figured he'd let Mark know Oy vey! Silly Mark for locking the front door but YEAH for David for doing the right thing!

We have awesome neighbors and a cutie pie son!
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