Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Guess I missed a step!

So, between here and here I went through this:
I found out Friday late afternoon that my doctor won't refill my anti-depressant any longer because the bills from my accident last year are in collections. This means I'm off them cold turkey.

I'm not worried about the long term of being off them, I feel that I'm in a good place, however right now, I am not feeling well at all. I've been on 100mg Zoloft for quite a few years, I had 3 pills left so I just took one to help, but I can tell I'm in withdrawal ... not sure what to do. I understand the Doctors office's point but this is truly difficult to go through.

and this:
Honestly, I was feeling better but now I'm not ... and please know ... it's serious physical symptoms nothing like i'm going to hurt myself.

would it be wrong to go to the ER? Seriously???
and then this...
I've got a call into the Advice Nurse program at one of the local hospitals, she just said to go to my closest ER, so Tim is taking me now.
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