Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Follow up to my ER visit...

In and home w/in 2 hours, including stopping for gas on the way home. I think that’s a record for the ER … it was quite the experience… there was a fire in the MRI room, I walked in to find alarms sounding, and the Fire Dept followed me in, the place almost empty but accepting patients. Explained the situation to the triage nurse … and she took me right back because there were only a couple people there.

We guessed that Life Flight was on route as the landing pad was lit and there were 2 ambulances on site, but no one was in the trauma bay. So shrugged it off.

The nurse wheeled me to the back side of the ER, brought someone else in to the room shortly after…the doors slammed shut due to the alarm system being reset … the doc had come in to see me and did an exam and said he’d see if he could get me a pill right away and write me a scrip, he went to talk to the guy next to me and got paged out of the room. Shortly after that, we heard an “obvious” Psych patient carrying on like a monkey~ We all laughed our asses off …a few minutes later the doc came back in and started to treat the guy next to me and admitted him for an infection that wasn’t clearing up. The nurse came in and handed me a Zoloft and returned again a few minutes later with a beautiful prescription for 15 pills and discharge papers.

As we walked back through the ER, we noticed that it was packed AND there was Security standing outside one of the rooms, we surmise that "the wild monkey" was in there ... I still hadn’t signed my admitting papers or received my insurance card back so I went back to admitting and the waiting room was standing room only. The Admitting clerk said I literally went through the ER doors and they got SLAMMED! So there I was with my discharge papers doing my admitting paperwork.

I got to the Truck and Tim said “that gal there is waiting for Life Flight to take her loved one to another hospital”, as we were at the gas station we heard the chopper come in to do the pickup.

So, I now feel a lot better. I will get my temp prescription filled. Call my doctor tomorrow and see if she will do the orders and if not, I’ve been referred to another Clinic that just may do it for me as well as the manufacturer of Zoloft. The ER said that this is an unfortunate situation but they are seeing it more and more. Incredibly frustrating. It is lighting the fire under my ass to get my Insurance Licensing fast so that I can get my Business started and pay off this stuff and not have to worry any longer. I will also be calling the Personal Injury Attorney and get that process going, it’s lacked because I was busy w/ school stuff but now I can take care of it or finally accept the friggin little settlement and pay off what I can.

Ok … I’m gonna sleep now.



  1. How did you fall? You must have been injured pretty badly if you have an attorney involved.

  2. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I'll have to put that into another blog post, I think I missed that here because I was so injured lol


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