Monday, June 01, 2009

The Diaper Bag ... and Murphy...

As I read Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out. I was reminded of a trip we took out to Hood River to visit my sister and Grandmother. David was maybe a 18 mos old (so this was about 9 1/2 yrs ago), and we ALWAYS took 3 changes of clothes with us for him, because Murphy was a great friend. If we didn't bring the clothes, we needed 6 changes in 30 min time; but I digress...

I had my grandmother in my truck, and we stopped at Stephs house for a quick visit. Steph decided that David would stay with her while I drove our Grandmother up to our mothers house. I'd be gone about 40 min, and she INSISTED that she did not need the diaper bag, joking that she would use a dish towel if she needed to. Mind you, my sister did NOT have children and even though I insisted that Murphy would visit, she refused to take it. Far be it from me to push harder with her.

So, when I arrived back to her house an hour later...I found my son WRAPPED IN A DISH TOWEL and his clothes in a garbage bag, and her towels in the wash, because Murphy visited in the 5 minutes after we left her.

Is it bad that I still giggle with joy when I think of this happening??


  1. Too funny!!!! We have to laugh at situations like these!

  2. These are the things that will always make us laugh!!! Giggle all you want!! It isnt bad at all..I will giggle to thinking about this from time to time =)


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