Saturday, May 16, 2009

Things I learned about Garage Sales

Garage Saler: (noun) One who goes to a Garage Sale and falls into one of three categories:
  1. Individual or couple who walks through, glances over everything and leaves without even acknowledging that you are alive;
  2. Individual or couple that walks up, takes the items that they want to purchase and politely ask you "How much do I owe", or "Would you take $$ for this?"; and then
  3. The group that shows up in 2-3 vehicles, mobs your driveway, allows their kids to play with everything, brings 15 items to you and when you deny their offer of 50 cents for everything, they put it all back and walk away grumbling.
So yesterday and today The House of Chaos took part in a multi-family garage sale. This is the first of several garage sales we will have this summer. You see, the House of Chaos is a blended "family" of 3 households, it's an 1800 sq. foot house however it's divided into 2 floors and there is only 900 sq. foot' living space. Imagine 3 adults, 1 full time boy, 1 part time girl, 1 dog and many friends kids in this space and you might get an idea of how overcrowded we are.

While it was fun, tiring and much work, the rewards were amazing.

You might wonder what rewards I am speaking of, well I will tell you.
  • I was pleasantly rewarded with a sunburn because I wore tank tops and didn't wear sunscreen or a hat yesterday (and it was the nicest day we've had in months)
  • I was rewarded with wonderful compliments on my well behaved dog.
  • I was rewarded with a garage that I am able to move in without risking my life now. Even though I have plenty of Treasures in there for future garage sales;
  • I was rewarded with plenty of cash from people who wanted our stuff...
  • I was rewarded with a refreshing shower at the end of the day
I'd say that the shower was a close second to the money that we earned today.

Oh ... I may have some pictures, I need to check the camera because someone else took them (since I normally take the pictures I have no clue what there is)

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  1. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Sounds like the rewards were worth it all in the end!!!
    PS money & shower I agree after a day like that is about the same LOL
    =) =) =)


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