Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to another edition of Not Me! Monday hosted by MckMama.

  • I have NOT been thinking about this post for the past 7 days
  • I am NOT totally wiped out from a 2 day garage sale
  • I have NEVER been so grateful for people that love shopping at Garage Sales, nope, I'm NOT thrilled even one iota that they bought the ceramic set my mom bought Mark and I for our wedding, yes, the one that we NEVER used.
  • I did NOT think I needed any sunscreen Friday. Nope, I would surely be fine out in the Sun all day.
So that's it for now, what did you NOT do this past week? Click on MckMamas link above and see what other bloggers are NOT up to these days.

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  1. I have been contimplating a garage sale! Was is worth it? I know they're a lot of work! So you definitely need to jump over to tomorrow morning to play along with the Toot Your Horn Tuesday posts. It's a great follow-up to this Not Me Monday carnival. Just TRUTHFULLY list all the GREAT things you've done in the past week. Hope you can play!


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