Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Reunion ... and for the record:

Cheaper Than Therapy

Last night I met up with an old friend for a long overdue reunion. I believe it's been about 13 years since we've seen each other and sadly, we live less than 90 miles from each other. But I digress.

At this reunion we shared, laughed, were amazed at what we've both been through and realized that Faith has brought us through a lot. I have to admit though, that I was most impressed by his admission to being a Nerd at heart. (ok, maybe impressed isn't the word, 'cause I always knew that about him ... I was reminded that he is a nerd at heart!)

You see, when we left our meeting place, it was raining rather hard, ok, it was pouring like mad! As we walked, at a quick pace, to our vehicles, his suddenly started up! This elicited a laugh from me, to which he replied "I told you, deep down, I'm a techno Nerd".

Here is where my
For the Record comes in, for I too am a techno nerd...
  • My truck (fondly referred to as my Rig, or Willow) is from 1997 Land Rover Discovery, I bought it brand new off the lot, and it's paid for.
  • My rig was Top o' the Line when I bought it.
  • My rig has 2 Air Conditioning systems, YES I said 2, in it to cool the entire truck at the same time (at least that's what they did when the system worked) and heated front seats for when it's chilly.
  • My rig has power windows and locks. You are NOT ABLE to lock your keys in the car (that is cool!)!
  • My rig has 2 Sun Roofs although the back one rattles.
  • My rig has a large crack across the windshield thanks to the Winter Storm of '08.
  • My rig leaks power steering fluid, it's a requirement of being a Land Rover, 'cept mine does it bad :(
  • My rig came with 2 cup holders, they didn't work right, cup holders were new back then. They broke and were replaced, and broke again. I didn't replace them a second time.
  • The option of an auto-start was not available when I bought my rig, I think it would be an insult to a Land Rover to be able to start without being inside it.
  • My late husband had an auto-start on his Land Rover Defender 90, it was done after-market, he thought it was cool and not an insult. It was the only techno thing on that rig, it didn't have power locks or heated seats.
  • I am not envious of those with auto-starts on their vehicles, because that would be a character flaw ... right??
Oh ... and in case you wondered ... I love my Willow rig and cringe at the thought of someday needing to find something different to drive.
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