Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tough Day turned into Great Night!!

It's been a tough week. Not necessarily an emotional week, but no motivation at all to do anything. My body is craving sleep and more sleep, and not much more. Today I was texting back and forth w/ Tim and literally fell asleep while waiting for a response from him. I was out cold, for 3 hours!! I woke up at 2pm to realize I missed 2 phone calls, several text messages asking if I was ok AND I missed my Counseling appt.

I made the decision tonight that I needed to have a Family Fun Night, so I told the guys that we were going to the movies. Well Tim said "Nope, let's go bowling" and so we did! It was fun, we laughed and cheered, ate dinner and David played video games. It was sooo worth missing my Stephens Ministry training tonight to refresh with the guys.

Tomorrow I will be making phone calls to the IRS, Oregon Dept of Revenue, my Doctor, my Counselor, my School ... to set up appointments. I am most likely going to withdraw from school because I have some major legal battles to face in the next few months that are going to take my time up, financial issues also. I'll get more into that later.
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