Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas w/ the Folks ... finally

Crazy weather, windy and rainy, but we made the drive up the mountain. Ate well, did gifts, talked and had fun. Packed up to go, Mom went with us to hold a flashlight as we had to park up the hill and there was the Fire Department ... YIKES!! They are knocking door to door to advise people that they are recommending Evacuation because the Mountain side is STARTING TO CAVE!!! This area had a landslide 12 years ago and there was tremendous engineering done to reinforce the area, which is why they allowed houses to rebuild but the recent weather is the worst there's been in so many years that the mountain may not hold. Since my Dad has severe health issues, they decided to heed the advice and move on out, fortunately the Resort down the road had some rooms available and let them come in w/ the dog. There is supposed to be an Engineer looking at things tomorrow to give folks a better idea of what's going on. ::geesh::
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