Monday, September 25, 2006

Amazing friends in Christ


I was driving down the Interstate and heard something and literally fell apart. David was in the back seat and I could NOT let him know, so I sent out a text to my prayer warriors. When I came home, I was checking one of my main message boards and found that one of them had posted this...and there were pages and pages of people praying for me ... talk about humbling and feeling loved! Thanks friends.

a friend we all know

I haven't posted much latley. But,
I don't want to mention names, I got a text today from someone we all know and love is needing lots of prayers and hugs right now.
Will you help lift her up please.

Here you go sweetie! If you need anything more let me know.

I later added:

Thank you Anne and everyone....

While driving David to program today, it hit hard that tomorrow Mark and I would have been renewing our marriage vows, it would have been our 10 yr anniversary. We had a civil marriage and wanted to really Celebrate with our friends and family...we'd been talking about it since our 5 year anniversary....

I'm so blessed to have an amazing group of family and friends that will take a random text requesting prayers and return that request in such a huge way. The prayers, calls and messages I received carried me through the day.

Blessings to each of you...
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