Friday, August 11, 2006

It's quiet...

Friday, August 11, 2006 9:59 PM


It's quiet...

After all the guests have is it quiet here!Now mind you, I'm not complaining, although it was chaotic and fun, but what a difference! Since Wednesday it's been 8 people in this 1800 sq foot house w/ about 900 sq ft being the main living area....ARRGGGHHHHH!

Not sure how I'm feeling about things....I do know that I'm lonely....haven't been lonely in a long time...was given "permission" (so to speak) to start dating by Marks Aunt Donna this week (she said it is ok to do so if someone comes into my life). She feels that the Lord has the right man waiting for David and I, that he wouldn't have taken Mark so soon without a plan for us. That just seems so strange to me. Like I said, not sure how I feel about that...just not ready for that step yet, I haven't dated in 10 years...YIKES! Doesn't help that most of the guys I know are HS Youth or Alum that are 20+ years YOUNGER than I am LOL!

Ok...can't go there....anyway....just brain dumping tonight. Looking forward to visiting a friend tomorrow who is expecting her first child anyday. Tomorrow afternoon David and I will go to The Bite of Oregon, have dinner and listen to Jacob Merlin play....and I found out that he is playing at Sunday Service w/ his Bassist...YIPPEE! We're gonna ROCK on Sunday!!
So to all who read....please comment....let me know that you are here if you are...please????


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