Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yeah for Coldstone Ice Creamery!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 10:40 PM



Yeah for Coldstone Ice Creamery!
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One of the last events Mark put together before he left for New Orleans, was a fundraiser at a local Coldstone Ice Creamery for an annual mission trip that our HSers do to Burns Oregon and the Paiute Indian Reservation.

Tonight was the event so I took David and his friend to Applebees for dinner and Coldstone for dessert. OMGosh! clip_image004The response was overwhelming! We got there around 7pm and there were maybe 5 people there, but by 7:30 the place was PACKED and people wanted to talk to we didn't leave until 9:00! The Manager estimates that sales were over $1000 so we'll get somewhere between $250 and $300 from them! clip_image005

The  best part...there were people there that ONLY WENT to Coldstone because of the Fundraiser, many had never been...and we had people from infants to their 90's!! It became a huge party, hanging out in the parking lot...current members, Alumni, parents, was awesome!!

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