Wednesday, September 14, 2005


You can see that I haven't been good at this Blogging thing, and I'm sorry about that, amazing how life gets sooo busy.

I'm sitting here waiting for a callback from Comcast Cable for a phone interview. They called yesterday afternoon and I was out with David at the time. I've applied for day time hours and as I sit here, I'm trying NOT to yawn (because I'm NOT a morning person and 10:10 is still morning!). I've kept up on submitting my resume' all over the place, and my Country Bunny Business is getting busy again, very interesting how that happens. So as I sit here waiting for the call to come in, I wonder, should I go clean Davids bathroom while I"m waiting? Should I go put laundry away? I need to HEAR the phone so using the vacuum is out LOL! Do I want to sound out of breath when she calls me back? I wonder how that would gosh! The things I worry about...and I need a shower, but over the phone she won't know that...right???

Ok, I should go do something rather than sit here with a headset on rambling to cyberspace.
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