Sunday, August 07, 2005

A Soccer Funny!

Talking A Socccer Funny!

Ok, so I'm venturing into the world of being a Soccer Mom for the first time, fortunately I have just learned that I know MOST of the Moms on our Team And we all get along (we have 4 player teams )

So...we venture to GI Joes today to get David his soccer gear, that went reasonably well. Then we venture home. He played with his new soccer ball awhile, then went to play with his friend.

He came home for dinner and I asked him what he wanted to drink, he looked at me and said "Well it HAS to be Healthy Mom, I'm in TRAINING NOW!" My response, "So the Orange Soda Daddy bought you as a treat is out?" figuring he'd change his mind real quick and as serious as could be I heard "I'll have water, it's healthier" Ya could have KNOCKED me over with a feather

Well when we were done with dinner, we went outside and practiced, because now that he has the ball he knows "all the moves" (does he realize he hasn't had a single practice yet? ) Afterwards we came in and he had a Sherbert Push Pop (it is hot and sticky outside...yuk!)

I'll be sure to have the camera ready to go on Wednesday night when we start...
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