Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hang on for a ride...it really does come full circle!

If I could write a book....

No update today on the Background Check. With the Holiday they said the confirmation on my HS Diploma could take several days. I am supposed to be going in later this week for a second interview with T-Mobile, I've also submitted my resume with some other major Companies in our area so say a prayer or two that they get seen.

More on my life....

So lately, we've been dealing with family tragedy, something that is difficult for even the BEST family situation to deal with, but toss in the insanity of my family and it's not a pretty picture.

My Uncle passed away very suddenly in June. He turned 60 the end of May and was relatively healthy. Unbeknownst to anyone (himself included) he had undiagnosed advanced leukemia. In the whole scheme of things, this played a major role in his sudden passing. He bumped his head and because the platelets were messed up due to the Leukemia, he bled out. This has been a total shock. Now, we didn't always get along with Larry due to his temper, but we've discovered a very logical explanation for it, and in my own way, I've been able to forgive him for things, but REGARDLESS of how I felt about him, to see my Aunt now is totally devastating!

You see, Maria and Larry would have celebrated their 30 year wedding anniversary the morning after he died. They were so much in love and they were all each other had, no children, only some dogs. They made a lovely home together in San Diego, travelled the world, had friends all over and most importantly, had wonderful plans for their future as Retirees together. She had NO IDEA that she'd be doing it alone.

So how does this fit into my screwy family situation? Well of the three of us girls, the middle sister just can't put her feelings about Larry aside, she is snide, rude...just plain inappropriate (well, that's a norm for her)...but come on! Your Aunt just lost her husband! Criminey!

I've made the decision to ride in the Lance Armstrong Foundation LiveSTRONG Ride here in Portland the end of September (yup...me on a bike for 10 miles! Proves I'm NUTS!!). I felt this was an appropo event to be involved in at t his time and I'm looking forward to accomplishing this goal. I've also set a lofty goal of raising $5000 for the event for two reasons, I'm pretty sure I can do it and because I wanna meet LANCE ARMSTRONG and I figure that going for the TOP LEVEL of fundraising gives me the best chance (I know~I'm a dork but HEY what can I say~I've been an Lance Fan for YEARS!!!). My youngest sister is behind me 150% and has all sorts of plans to help me reach this goal. I was visiting with her last week and we talked about this amongst other things. Well Steph (the middle sister) came over and I met her outside as I was leaving (we were at our little sisters bar that she owns), so there we are on the outdoor deck and I mention this event and what I'm doing and it went something like this...

Me: "So did you get my email about the Lance Armstrong Ride I'm participating in?"

Steph: "Yes, I've already made a donation"

Me: "Great, through my website...Thanks"

Steph: "No, I've been doing it for years and it's already done"

Me: "So you can't funnel it through my website so I get credit for it this year"

Steph: "No, I said it's already done, I do it every year"

Me: "Oh, you ride every year? I thought this was the first year they are doing it here"

Steph: "Nope, I've donated to him every year, it's already done"

Me: "So you aren't going to add to my campaign then? You can't help at all?"

Steph: "Nope, you can just write a check yourself for it, you don't need anyones help"

...at this point, I walk off the deck and load David into the truck to leave....

Me: "No I can't and that's not what this is about"

Steph: (screaming across the parking lot with customers around her) "Well if you didn't squander all your money, you could write a check, but you don't have any, squander, squander...that's what you did..."

Me: "David, stay in the car mommy will be right back...."

I proceeded to walk back into the Bar and get in her face...YUP! I did it after all these years (although Bibet did step in)..."How dare you be so rude and disrespectful to me, WHERE do you get off doing that?" At this point she said "Buh Bye " in the most snotty manner and I walked away...I knew that if I stayed, it wouldn't be pretty. NEVER have I wanted to slam her face ito the floor as much as I did at this point.

I drove away, breathing deeply and trying not to cry. Not because she was right, but because she is always so damned nasty and I know that in three weeks she'll be calling all sweet and syrupy wanting to talk to David. I wanted to cry because I chose to live off my inheritance and be a Stay at Home mom through most of my pregnancy and up until now, raising an AWESOME 7 yr old son rather than pay for someone else to raise him while I worked. Upset because this damned family loves you one minute and hates you the next, that is the ONLY consistent thing about it and quite frankly, it SUCKS!

Now...add to this that my Aunt Katie is in the hospital and you've got an entirely different dynamic...SHE is part of my Biological family, the one that my mother was bound and determined to keep us from in life....and we just reunited with them 4 years ago. Again, Bibet and I are firm and together on our feelings, they are amazing people that took us in no questions asked, but Steph flounders back and forth and who knows how she feels about the situation today or tomorrow...and Mom? Well I know that she liked Aunt Katie, but she still feels we've done the wrong thing in connecting with them ('cause they'll steal us from her...WHAT???!! or some line like that) and she'll do nothing but bad mouth if given the chance...I just don't give her the chance (and THAT my friends is a whole 'nother story that I just don't have time for tonight).

so...that's todays thought...there will be more and the more you hear, the more you will understand how screwed up I should be! LOL!

This doesn't even begin to scrape the surface...are you sure you wanna hear more?

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  1. Yep, wanna hear more. I want to understand you Marissa :o) JK


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