Tuesday, November 30, 2010

U-Haul Madness!

So these guys were amazing ...  I may have already told you that ... 

apparently though, my parking back at the UHaul location wasn't. I don't have pictures yet, but I may be able to get them. Apparently when I backed that 26 footer into the wrong spot, I took out part of the fence. I'm devastated that I did that, I made a mistake and I feel horrible about it, but WHY didn't the Manager CALL ME before charging my checking account an additional $307.84 for the repairs?? 
I am LIVID about it!
Talk about a punch in the gut! I don't have that money just sitting around!
Heck, I don't even get my SS until a week from tomorrow! 
And by then my Rent will be late, so I'll owe an additional $75 there ... 

Please please pray that I get a job and fast! 

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