Saturday, September 25, 2010

Relationships and Social Media

It this week happened 5 or 10 years ago, it would have been less stressful. Ya see, I've been seeing someone new (I know *gasp* it happened) and about 10 days ago, he asked if we shouldn't just be "boyfriend and girlfriend", which in itself seems funny at 44 and 45 yrs of age ... but I digress. So this week, we decided to "go public" on Facebook with our friends and family about it. We already had pictures up there of us ... it was more of a formality than a necessity, we could've kept it quiet ...

Now 5 or 10 years ago, we would have just held hands and skipped down the street and told those that asked "yes, we're seeing each other", now in the days of Social Media though, we had to put thought into this. Remember, it was several months ago that I had to ask my "King" to leave, and we have remained friends, so I wanted him to know before we "came out" if you will, out of respect, even though he's 3 hours North of me, he's in my face daily now. Talk about some uncomfortable feelings, not because of what I was doing, but because I really had to think about his reaction.

Social Media has totally put a new kink into the already complicated business of relationships. As it is, I had to ask him to back off commenting on everything I posted, I was getting questions about him being a stalker, YIKES!

So there ya have it, I had the conversation, via text messages, he said he already figured it out, WHAT was I worred about? Geesh ... so everyone is happy, and I haven't heard from him or seen him post much at all. He is having a hard time w/ me moving on and not coming back to him.
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